Planning Your Wedding

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Our Philosophy

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a church filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.    –Unknown

Wedding Photographers Venice - Wedding in Palladio Church of the Redentore

Religious Wedding in Venice

Whether your dream is to have an elaborate religious ceremony, in a church like Chiesa del Santissimo Rendentore, surrounded by friends and family, a civil wedding on the Grand Canal at Palazzo Cavalli or an intimate symbolic celebration just for the two of you in one of Venice’s many romantic gardens, our philosophy has always been to give our clients truly honest, thoughtful direction as they experience one of life’s most memorable moments.

From the moment you engage us, we are committed to putting our collective knowledge and experience towards crafting a refined, tailor-made event that reflects your unique personality, vision and aesthetics – an event which will live on long after the special day itself.

We can shoulder the burden of researching and securing vendors, arranging transportation, and locating all those last-minute things, from dry cleaners to guided tours, that may come up. And whether you require minimal assistance or seek direction regarding every detail of your celebration, we recognize the importance of providing an active, yet discreet, presence as planners.


Our Process

Wedding Photographers Venice - Honeymoon in Venice

Wedding Detail – The Bouquet

Our approach is influenced and inspired by the amazing art and architecture that surrounds us, as well as event design. We live in a world of floral design, visual art, schedules, menus, seating diagrams and budgets – a constant, delicate balance of head and heart that makes us singularly suited to creating exceptional events.

With Venice as the setting of your destination wedding you will not only have one of the most beautiful cities in the world as your stage, but you will also be able choose from unique and diverse venues located throughout the city’s famous boroughs, called sestieri, where the characteristic canals and winding calle  -the Venetian word for street- lead from one charming campo, or plaza, to another. Here, life unfolds outside for the most part, among the outdoor cafés and markets, along the waterfronts and in the campi where the stunning, ever-changing light over the Venetian lagoon makes every view simply breathtaking.

And in a city where your only transportation options are your own two feet or boats –gondolas, vaporetti, water taxis – it is hardly any wonder that the organizational and logistical aspects of preparing an event, whether large or small, require forethought and special planning. We apply our intimate knowledge of the city and how it works to make sure that your vision of your special day becomes a reality.

To marry in Italy couples must provide birth certificates, passports, and a notarized “certificate of non-impediment” and, where required, additional documentation. As destination wedding specialists one of our tasks is to assist you in this process, acting as a cultural liaise, be it in relation to bureaucratic procedures required by Italian law or ecclesiastic protocol.

Because each client brings their unique personality, vision, and aesthetics to the table, our approach to event planning is both evolutionary and collaborative. Through us you will be introduced to an incredible array of vendors. We have worked with some of the best in Venice in floral design, photography, entertainment and catering. With plan in place we will flawlessly orchestrate the creative and logistical efforts to design a personal, tailor-made event.


Our Proposals

Exceptional celebrations for all budgets

Wedding Photographers Venice - Anniversary in Venice

Details of a Wedding Party

Whether it is the wedding of the decade or intimate celebration, the answer is a joyous yes! As experts in modern etiquette, protocol, design and planning, we take time to discover your style needs and vision. Then with a deft, experienced hand, we will guide you happily and effortlessly as your event comes to fruition. To begin, we would like to share our signature ensemble collections – for exceptional celebrations.


The Garden Rose Collection: symbolic wedding in your favourite location

The Calla Lilly Collection: civil ceremony in various possible venues in Venice

The Orchid Collection: religious marriage in the most beautiful Churches of Venice

The Mixed Bouquet Collection:  a fully planned wedding as the couple desires